Driver’s License Sticker Renewal Sign up Reminder

Murphysboro….After news reports this week indicated that more Illinoisans are failing to renew their driver’s license stickers on time, State Rep. Terri Bryant (R – Murphysboro) is reminding motorists that they can sign up for online notifications from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office as a replacement for the previously mailed reminders.  

Bryant says the New Year is a good time to sign up online for the notices.

“The Secretary of State is no longer mailing out notices for license plate sticker renewals,” Bryant said. “Instead, they are urging motorists to visit their website to sign up for e-mail notifications.”

Bryant is encouraging motorists to visit to request their sticker renewal notice be emailed to them. 

“Please know that in order to sign up drivers will need their current registration card, which has their registration ID number and PIN number. A valid email address is also required. For motorists that do not renew their vehicle sticker on time, a $20 additional fee will apply,” Bryant said.

Bryant is encouraging everyone that can to sign up to receive an email notification to help avoid late charges or a potential issue if a driver is stopped by law enforcement and has an expired registration.

A link to the Secretary of State’s email notification sign up page is available at