Governor Signs SB 2042 – Restores Federal Funds for Key Programs

Office of the Governor
Bruce Rauner

For Immediate Release
Thursday, August 20, 2015
Catherine Kelly
Governor Signs Federal Funds Pass Through Bill
SPRINGFIELD – Governor Bruce Rauner signed SB 2042 today, which appropriates money for the pass through of federal dollars without adding to the state’s budget deficit. The clean bill allows the state to provide some services to the state’s most vulnerable citizens.
“Governor Rauner supported and signed this clean pass through bill because it will help those in need without adding to the state’s budget deficit,” Director of Communications Lance Trover said. “While the Governor continues to work on passing a balanced budget with structural reforms to maximize how much we can invest in our schools and important social services, some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens will be able receive additional support.”
Bill No.: SB 2042
An Act Concerning Appropriations
Action: Signed
Effective: Immediate