Bryant Bill to Cut Costs for Widows Signed into Law

From April 16, 2015. Rep. Bryant offers HB 3797 for
consideration in the House. The measure received
unanimous support in the Illinois House and Senate
and was signed into law this week.

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) announced Wednesday that Governor Bruce Rauner has signed HB 3797 into law. Bryant sponsored the bill to help widows and widowers cut the cost of expensive transfers of car titles. Shortly after being inaugurated, Bryant was approached by her constituent Marilyn Feldman, who experienced financial hardship upon the death of her husband.

“I introduced HB 3797 to help cut down on the expensive transfer of a vehicle title when someone’s spouse dies. Right now, this costs the surviving spouse $95. I worked hard with the Secretary of State’s office and we were able to drop that fee down to $15, making it much more affordable,” Bryant said.

Bryant says she is thankful to her colleagues for unanimously supporting the bill. She also thanked the Governor for adding his signature Tuesday, making the bill a law. 

“This legislation offers a much needed cut to costs experienced by individuals dealing with the death of a spouse,” Bryant said. “This action responds to a specific concern expressed by a constituent. I am proud of this bill in particular because it was the first constituent driven bill to be requested after I took office.”

For her part, Ms. Feldman thanked Rep. Bryant for her quick attention to the matter. 

“This gives me hope that we can help other people that are facing a similar hardship,” Feldman said. “I want to thank Representative Bryant for her work on this issue and for accomplishing something that will help seniors and other tax payers save money on expensive title transfer fees when they lose a loved one. For folks like me on a fixed income, every dollar you can save really counts.”

To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at