Rep. Bryant to Donate Legislative Pay Raise to Charity

Murphysboro….The failure by powerful Chicago Democrats to craft and pass a balanced and Constitutional budget has caused many service providers and vendors that rely on the State of Illinois to spend the summer wondering if or when they will ever be paid. In response to a dubious move by the Chicago Democratic leaders of the previous General Assembly to insert a pay raise provision for lawmakers, State Representative Terri Bryant has decided to donate her cost of living adjustment, or raise, to charity.

“It is disturbing to me that Speaker Madigan and the Chicago politicians that control State government would vote themselves a pay raise during this budget crisis,” Bryant said. “I am not going to be accepting this pay raise, and instead will happily donate the amount of my cost of living adjustment to Pregnancy Matters of Carbondale.”

Pregnancy Matters provides free pregnancy testing and confidential assistance to pregnant women. Additional services provided by staff and volunteers of Pregnancy Matters include donations to families in need, and counseling and other emotional support services to pregnant women. 

Bryant is calling on the Chicago Democratic legislative leaders to work with Governor Rauner to craft a responsible, balanced budget. She is one of several legislators that have spoken out recently against a mandated pay raise for legislators.

To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at