Bryant’s First Bill Becomes Law – Will Save National Guard Members’ Jobs

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) received the Governor’s signature on her first piece of legislation on Tuesday. Back in April, Bryant received unanimous support in the House for HB 3721, a bill designed to help National Guard members keep their jobs. Bryant, whose district shares a border with the state of Missouri, explained the need for the measure.

Rep. Bryant explains HB 3721 – a bill designed to
help protect the jobs of National Guard members when
they are called up to serve in active duty in another state.

“When a member of the National Guard is called to duty by their own state’s Governor or by the Governor of a neighboring state, this bill would allow them to categorize their work as military service,” Bryant said. “The addition of a ‘military service’ definition to their work in another state affords members of the National Guard protection that their job will be held for them upon a call up to duty in another state.”

Bryant said that while the change may seem small, it is quite significant for the men and women of Illinois serving in the National Guard.

“I want to thank the Governor for recognizing the importance of this measure and for signing my first bill into law. This is good public policy. These folks risk their lives to save everyday people from dangerous situations, to clean up after disasters, to keep towns from flooding, and the list goes on. Their work in Illinois and in neighboring states should be considered military service so they can be afforded the same protections as other members of the military that enter into active duty,” Bryant said.

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