Electricity Rates on the Rise – Sign the petition to stop the rate hike!

Murphysboro….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R – Murphysboro) announced today that she is asking her district’s residents to visit the Citizens Utility Board web page to sign a petition calling for an investigation into a massive electricity delivery rate hike that will negatively impact Illinois families this summer. To sign the petition, Click Here

Below is information directly from the Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB) detailing how the potential 12% – 35% electricity delivery price increases happened. 

MISO is the power grid operator in Central and Southern Illinois and 14 other states. It holds a yearly auction to determine “capacity” costs for the next year (June 1 through May 31). Capacity costs are fees wrapped in electricity prices that ensure power plants produce enough energy when demand is high. 

In the latest auction, Illinois’ capacity cost turned out to be more than 40 times higher than the other 14 states. CUB Executive Director David Kolata called the results of the auction “absurd,” since Illinois has plenty of electricity. Meanwhile, power generators are expected to receive a windfall because of the new prices. (Ameren the utility isn’t a power generator so it doesn’t profit off these supply rates.)

Bryant is urging residents of the 115th District to visit The Citizens Utility Board website and sign the petition calling for a federal investigation into the auction that caused the excessive rate spikes. 

“Southern Illinois’ working families are already facing higher prices at the pump, higher food and medicine prices, and the list goes on,” Bryant said. “This type of increase is an outrage in a power rich state like Illinois. We have enormous energy reserves at our disposal and there is no excuse for working families and seniors on fixed incomes to face this type of spike in prices. I’m urging people to get active and sign the Citizens Utility Board petition so we can get to the bottom of this and make sure it never happens again.”

To sign the petition, Click Here

To learn more about CUB and potential electricity rate hikes, please Click Here