Bryant Reaction to Unbalanced Budget Action

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R – Murphysboro) has issued the following statement following House Floor action today that saw many pieces of a Democrat-sponsored spending plan move forward.
“I and my fellow Republican legislators had been working for months with Governor Rauner and the majority Democrats to craft a comprehensive budget to reform the state’s reckless fiscal policies and improve our business climate.

Those negotiations fell apart sometime last week. Those meetings can’t honestly be characterized as having the Democrats’ cooperation because they stopped negotiating in good faith and have now advanced their own unbalanced budget.
Not stopping there though, the Chicago politicians that control state government have gone as far as introducing a spending plan that falls $4 billion short of expected revenues. Illinois working families that get up and go to work every day to make ends meet in this bad economy can’t balance their budgets that way.
I’m disgusted by this process and now know what everyone was talking about when they said Springfield in May is always just ‘business as usual.’ I will continue to stand up for hardworking taxpayers, who deserve better than this.”