Bryant E Newsletter – Memorial Day Edition

House Republican Freshman Legislators Call for Term Limits for Career Politicians
Last week, with 10 days remaining before the scheduled adjournment of this Spring’s legislative session, I joined several of my fellow Republican freshman legislators for a press conference to call for legislation that would establish term limits for legislators, constitutional officers, and legislative leaders.

Pictured here are several freshman legislators calling
for term limits

The argument for term limits really makes itself at this point. The legislative process for crafting a budget for the FY 2016 year that starts July 1 has gone about as poorly as could be imagined.  For three decades, Majority Democrat legislative leaders have spent their career in public office consolidating their power under the Capitol and standing in the way of meaningful reform.

I didn’t go to Springfield to play games with the lives and livelihoods of the hard working people of Illinois. The last election provided a clear mandate from the people for balance in state government. Our constituents deserve passage of comprehensive solutions that will balance our budget in a responsible way. The time has come for all parties to exercise a little statesmanship, and forgo the political gamesmanship. Term limits for legislative leaders and Constitutional officers would ensure that the interests of the taxpayers are served above those of the career politicians.

Murphysboro Named BBQ Capital City of Illinois by Illinois House

Mayor Will Stephens and I in the House Gallery on the day the
Illinois House named Murphysboro the BBQ Capital City of Illinois

I am thrilled to announce that a Resolution first brought to me by Murphysboro Mayor Will Stephens has passed the Illinois House. For one year, the city of Murphysboro will hold the title of the BBQ Capital City of Illinois.

I am proud to have been the Sponsor of this measure in the House. I believe in promoting the good things we have to offer in Southern Illinois so we can increase tourism to the region. Besides, we do have some World Famous Barbecue Pit Masters and some fantastic barbecue restaurants in my hometown.

Thanks to Mayor Stephens’ efforts, and the hundreds of interested people that signed the online petition, the measure received unanimous support. To check out press coverage on the Murphysboro BBQ Capital Resolution, follow the links below.

The Southern Illinoisan


KFVS Channel 12

So, come on down to Murphysboro this summer and experience why Illinois calls it the BBQ Capital City!


This week I was proud to accept a request from the Mayor of the Village of DeSoto and the staff at the village hall in regard to renaming a portion of Highway 149 as the Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The stretch of highway is about 5 miles from the intersection of IL Route 149 and US 51 to the Jackson County Mile Marker at the edge of Hurst, Illinois.

Memorial Day is a day to pay tribute to America’s fallen heroes. The thoughts and prayers of a free and grateful nation are with the surviving family members and Armed Services brothers and sisters today. Thank you for your sacrifices.

A photo of the memorial in DeSoto, which is the subject of the Resolution, can be found to the right.