Bryant Fed Up with Political Games

Springfield….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) was not mincing words following a vote taken in the Illinois House today on the issue of Right to Work zones. Bryant voted Present on the measure, citing her objection to House Speaker Michael Madigan wasting precious time and waging an ideological war with Governor Bruce Rauner on the issue as the state’s financial condition continues to deteriorate. As for the issue of Right to Work, Bryant says she is not supportive of the idea.

“Our economy in Illinois would be better served by taking action on issues that would provide security for the middle class,” said Bryant. “There are real issues out there, real pain being felt by people. Over and over again, my constituents are telling me they’re sick of the same old political tricks in Illinois. These games are getting us nowhere fast,” Bryant said.

Bryant went on to explain the “Present” votes in the context of the series of non-negotiated measures advanced by the Illinois House Speaker seeking to divide the legislature.

“I’m opposed to Right to Work; however, our present votes represent our opposition to the way business is being conducted in the House,” added Bryant.  “The problems we’re facing will take cooperation, sacrifice and a bipartisan approach.  The leadership of the House hasn’t operated with this in mind for a long time, and that unfortunately hasn’t changed this spring.”

Bryant also condemned recent moves by Speaker Madigan to hold Committees of the Whole on Tort Reform and Worker’s Compensation and for holding votes on amendments for funding for vital human services outside of the working groups and budgeting groups meeting to find compromise on these issues.

“There are many irons in a very big, very hot financial fire right now and these Chicago style show votes and show trials and political games are very insulting to our service providers and those that rely on the state to pay its bills,” Bryant said. “I stand ready to work with both parties to find solutions to these very big problems and deliver much deserved value to the taxpayers of Illinois.”

After Friday’s legislative action, there will be just two weeks left until the legislature is scheduled to adjourn. Bryant says she would prefer the remaining time be spent on substantive matters.