Bryant Tours District – Listening to Constituents, Providing Legislative Updates

Murphysboro….State Rep. Terri Bryant has been busy during the two week legislative break. Bryant has hosted office hours in Anna and a legislative update for constituents in rural Tamaroa. She also has another legislative update event planned for Wednesday April 8 in Whittington. 
Bryant and her staff will be available from 1:00 – 3:30 PM at Burton’ s Cafe on Wednesday April 8 to talk with constituents about state government issues and provide an update on legislative initiatives moving in Springfield.
As lawmakers return to session next Tuesday, April 14, Bryant says she’s heard from many constituents and plans to carry their message to Springfield. 

“I’ve been very pleased to hear from so many of my constituents,” Bryant said.

Rep. Bryant speaks to several correctional officers during a
recent listening tour event.

“Between our traveling office hours and folks contacting my office via email, calls, and faxes, and the folks stopping me on the street, I have received a lot of feedback,” Rep. Bryant said.

Bryant says from what she hears, people are anxious to see a change in Illinois.

“What I’m hearing is that tax payers and working families want a responsible and responsive government,” Bryant said. “Growing our economy and changing the business environment to be more competitive with neighboring states should be high on our priority list. I think we have seen a shift in the understanding among the public of just what it is going to take to grow the economy. Competitive policies and a pro-growth approach will be best for growing jobs in southern Illinois especially.”

In addition to supporting economic reforms , when Rep. Bryant returns to legislative session next week, she will be pushing her own legislative agenda.

Rep. Bryant takes a question from a constituent during
a recent legislative update. 

“I’ve got a couple bills that made it to the House floor,” Bryant said. “Right now I’m sponsoring legislation that will help small businesses provide jobs in the energy arena. I’ve got a bill that requires the state to tell businesses why their oil and natural gas drilling applications were denied. We’re
hoping to cut costs and cut red tape for these employers so they can put people to work in good paying jobs.”

Bryant is also pushing legislation that will cut costs for widows and widowers for car title transfers. HB 3797 would change the transfer fee for a vehicle title to a surviving spouse from $95 to $15. Bryant says the idea for the legislation came from a constituent.

“When I first took office, I met with someone that had unfortunately lost their husband. When she went to have her husband’s car title transferred in to her name, she was charged $95,” Bryant said. “With all the other costs associated with the burial of a loved one, this is one area where the state can help, especially those on a fixed income.”

The bill is currently on second reading in the House. Bryant says she will amend the bill to fix some technical language and then push for its passage.

The legislature returns to session on Tuesday April 14. Bryant encourages constituents of the 115th district to continue sending her their opinions and to sign up for her e-newsletter by visiting her webpage at and clicking on the link on the side of the page. You can also call Rep. Bryant’s office at 618-244-8115 or email her at