Rep. Terri Bryant Moves First Bill through House Committee

Rep. Bryant presents HB 3430 to members
of the House Agriculture & Conservation
Committee Monday. The bill passed 19-0.

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) received unanimous support for her first piece of legislation to pass through an Illinois House committee. Bryant is the chief sponsor of HB 3430, a bill designed to assist prospective oil and natural gas drilling companies with the complicated application process.

The bill would require the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to provide a letter of explanation to businesses that are denied a permit to begin drilling for oil or natural gas. Currently, after a 20 day time period passes, applications are automatically denied and no notification as to why is provided. Rep. Bryant explained the hardship this causes for small business owners and prospectors.
“We have entrepreneurs willing to risk private capital in the effort to create jobs and increase our oil and natural gas production. When the State denies exploration permits now, they provide no notification as to why, and small business owners and employers are forced to pay more in application fees and wait long periods of time for direction from the Department,” Bryant said.

“HB 3430 is a measure designed to provide clarity to potential oil and gas drilling businesses by requiring that a letter stating where their application has fallen short be sent to them in a timely manner.”

Having passed the House Agriculture & Conservation Committee 19-0, the measure will now move to the House floor for further consideration.
To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at